Ryan Norbauer portrait sketch

I am an aspiring underachiever. I’ve worked for NASA, planned and conducted my own research at the CDC, and served as a foreign affairs analyst/speechwriter in the British Parliament; I founded, ran, and sold two separate software companies and one apparel company, and I have published peer-reviewed scholarship in leading journals across two separate academic disciplines. Other than the occasional unpredictable infusion of cash, lots of stress, and the ability to impress status-conscious morons with the preceding sentence, all that ambition and hard work got me very little.

I am pretty sure that claiming to be "offended" is just a lazy way to tell another person to shut up without having to prove that what he said is false.

I love my two significant others Alan and Jeff. I am bafflingly fortunate—though by no means worthy—to share both a life and a home with two gentlemen who are kind, brilliant, and beautiful beyond measure. To the extent that my existence has any meaning, it is in sharing it with them.

I was trained as a scientist specializing in the rigorously empirical, dispassionate, and quantitative study of animal behavior, including that of humans.

I've lived in London, New York, France, and Boston. I now have a house in Central Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts—right between Harvard and MIT.

I speak English and French.

I code C#, Ruby, CSS/HTML, ASP.NET MVC, and PHP.

I am Founder and President Emeritus of Norbauer Inc, a global web software consulting firm, acquired by another firm in 2008. We were a team of over twenty software architects, engineers, and designers with offices in Boston, New York, and New Delhi. In my capacity as CEO, I was cited in Wired, Forbes, and many other venues. We built bespoke server software for clients ranging from Yale University, Microsoft, Harvard, and AMD to a wide variety of tech start-ups and international businesses.

I enjoy yoga, French phonetics, Star Trek (mostly TNG and VOY), fussy coffee and tea, world-weary pessimism, and protracted auto-didactic deep-dives on technical subjects (from digital photographic post-processing to high-end computer keyboard manufacturing to software language specs).

I frequently read books. I'm especially attached to the works of Michel Houellebecq, Kurt Vonnegut, Richard Dawkins, HP Lovecraft, Steven Pinker, EM Cioran, Gene Roddenberry, Alain de Botton, Cyril Connolly, and Albert Camus.

I am pretty sure that Not only are all religions manifestly false, but so too are all the secular narratives (humanism, positivism, liberalism, libertarianism) that, like religions, attempt to craft a system of positive values out of the epistemologically questionable notion that something can be transcendently and meaningfully true merely because it would be nice if that were the case. Reasoning by appeal to platitude or an implausible alternate-universe utopia is not reasoning at all.

I am founder of Lovetastic.com The first major online community for gay men to challenge the tired tropes of gay culture, providing a more aesthetically palatable (and less vapid) alternative to the various "scenes" that previously existed for gay men to meet and form friendships—or fall in love. Founded in 2004, our offices moved to Manhattan in 2005 when we obtained investor funding. During that time, we won laudatory national press ranging from outlets like The San Francisco Chronicle to the Boston Globe. In 2010, Lovetastic became a part of OKCupid.

I was born in West Virginia I'm actually in overalls, chawing on a reed of hay as I write this.

I am creator of RubyRags Maker of nerd apparel, acquired by the the Ruby on Rails design firm LittleLines in 2010.

I am pretty sure that everything is fairly easy. Most of what passes for intelligence is just persistence and a high tolerance for boredom (both of which may technically be the same thing).