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This page contains some more details concerning the history and long evolution of my Lovetastic project, which is explained in greater detail in my business portfolio.


We were profiled and mentioned in many national publications, including The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, TechCrunch, the metro paper, etc. Here is an example of one of the earliest pieces written about us—in this case (of all places) in a trashy, though very popular, NYC gay magazine:

Scanned HX Magazine article on Lovetastic

An interview I did with tech journalist Leo Laporte can be heard here.

This is what TechCrunch had to say about us: "Lovetastic’s interface is the cleanest, simplest and easiest on the eyes of any of [its competitors]. In some ways it’s got more class than any of them."

The Onion sponsored us to throw a Valentine's Party in Manhattan, which for some reason always amused and pleased me. Here is the notice as it appeared in their pages:

scanned Onion ad

Screen captures