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Photography has been an obsessive interest of mine for several years, which I endeavor to pursue to a professional standard even though I don't do commercial work. For me, photography is a compelling mix of visual aesthetics, arcane technical minutiae, and an excuse to play with well-crafted technological toys (three of my favorite things).

I have a special interest in digital image processing, having spent hundreds of hours methodically and formally studying Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw, and Lightroom—both their operation and theoretical underpinnings. Color toning/grading and the frequency-separation retouching technique are particular fascinations of mine.

Random quotidian snaps can be found on my Flickr page. I also maintain a portfolio of selected work here on this site.

I reblog photography by others that I particularly like on my Tumblr.

My favorite genre is portraiture. If you live in the Boston/Cambridge area and would like to have an artistic portrait made (gratis, of course), by all means drop me a note; I'm always happy to have the excuse to practice.